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v0.12 - March 28th, 2007

The Project

BW is the project of a friends team to create a video game. The purpose is not to find a market but to produce a free and fun game of a good quality for everybody. Here there is a presentation of the game and motivations giving an interest in its creation.

The game

BW is a 2D strategy game with the gameplay of an old Starcraft. In that kind of games, the problem the players have is often the same : they need a really high knowledge of the whole game, of every units, all the upgrades, and the various basic commands. BW’s concept is to reach a game very easy to use but including a full strategic universe of a big variety. BW is not thought to have an adventure mode, a player will create a game, other players will join, by local net or by the web, and the battle will start.

The Gameplay

Player’s actions are reduced to their strict minima, there is only one kind of basic unit to build. Nevertheless, all the units you can imagine are in the game. Let us explain the idea. A unit, in a strategy game, moreover its graphical appearance, is defined by six points :
  • Size.
  • Speed.
  • Health.
  • Strength (Detail on the amount of damage).
  • Fire rate (Often forgotten but crucial).
  • Range (With both a min, and a max, and details on the blasted area).
Modifying all those attributes describes ALL THE UNITS OF THE IMAGINABLE STRATEGIC UNIVERSE.

A revolution mainly appears in the concept of fusion, an action the player can execute. Combining a group of unit he gets a more powerful unit with the same strategic value than the merged units. When thinking on this action, one easily see that there are several ways to merge the attributes. Accordingly, the GUI would give to the player much more than one way to merge units, for example, a strength oriented fusion, a health one, or a speed one…

Of course, the strategic value of an army does not correspond to the number of overpowerful units, but in the diversity an adaptability it can show in front of the opponent armies. For the units, some attributes are only advantages, others only drawbacks, but some others are both. The size of a big unit may look like a geographical disadvantage, and the unit is then an easy target, but simultaneously the unit can be used as a wall to counter an invasion. (A strong unit keeps all along its life the same power of fire, but some seconds before it is destroyed, several small units of the same strength have got a decreasing power a fire when a subpart is destroyed, but they can spread everywhere and hit several targets. Here appears a strategic universe with all the qualities we could wish.

Another aspect of the game is the one of « behaviour ». In a strategy game, it is uncommon that also the best players can do what they want with their army. They are sooner or later limited by the managing speed, by the GUI. In BW project, the idea is not to propose classical basic behaviours in a limited number such as « guard ?» or « defend » but to allow the player, with an intuitive GUI, to give behaviours orders more advanced A player could prepare those elements before of the game, or fix them up during a game. Therefore everyone has his own way to play :
  • The newbie : everything handmade
  • The expert who prefers managing everything by himself and only use the basic default behaviours the game implements
  • The geek who, behind his computer, only clicks four times to starts executions already developed.
  • The intello who creates a full AI and just look at the game as an onlooker.
One can think that the idea of behaviours increases the difficulty of the game, but it is still a help, nothing will oblige the player to use it. It will allow above all not to limit the game to end in a strategic panic when battles become to enormous to manage. We can also imagine a special mode where customised behaviours are disabled, and where armies are limited in size.

BW a state of spirit

All the interest of BW is in the new ideas it owns. The aim is not to develop a larger game, more complex than actual games, but to design the smartest, and easiest game to play for everybody, with numerous strategic possibilities. The beginners, like the expert players will have every time something to discover. The behaviours reconcile programmer’s guild with the one of the developers and enlarge incredibly centres of interest targeted.

Beyond the game in itself, the design of BW is opposed to all the modern softwares. No need to install 2 Gb for graphics, heavy full 3D, to get something nice to use. It is the same spirit with processors, the game will try to keep as light as possible to have only a limit in the size of the battle. BW will be free and open sourced, a high quality game that anyone will can take the time to download on a Friday evening, to play one battle or to start a career.

For any comment, ideas, technical suggestions, please feel free to use the forum.